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Unique places - Part 14

  • The mystery of Area 52, Nevada
  • A mystical wheel, California
  • A well-marketed meteorite crater, Arizona

Unique places - Part 13

  • Recke from Tsendee Canim, Mongolia
  • Message from Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Reference to the Virgin of Guadalupe, Mexico

Unique places - Part 12

  • Paracas-Kandelaber, Peru
  • Geoglyphs of Tiliviche, Chile
  • Chiza Geoglyphs, Chile


Unique places - Part11

  • Secret of China
  • Secret of Arizona
  • Secret of Russia

Unique places - Part10

  • Cross in Kazakhstan
  • Anchor in Tasmania
  • Heart of Voh

Unique places - Part9

  • LUECKE-Farm, Texas
  • MICK, South Australia
  • Geisterbild, South Australia
  • Labyrinth in a Maize Field, Germany


Unique places - Part8

  • Islands of Bahrain
  • Islands of Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • The town of Palmanova, Italy, the only preserved baroque town in the world

Unique places - Part7

  • an animal in the desert floor
  • a guitar made from trees
  • a rider in the mountains

Unique places - Part6

  • a unique cemetery in Madrid
  • an indoor theme park in Abu Dhabi
  • an Indian head in Canada, created by nature

Unique places - Part5

  • a Coca-Cola logo in the Chilean desert and the famous geoglyphs of Arica
  • The Easter Bunny in Australia
  • a portrait made from flowers of the famous aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart

Unique places - Part4

  • Marree Man
  • Bunjil
  • Emu

Unique places - Part3

  • A white horse and a horny giant
  • Stonehenge and Woodhenge
  • The white horse of Cherhill

Unique places - Part2

  • The fingerprint of a giant
  • Nashville peace sign
  • The famous Nazca Lines of Peru, which still puzzle researchers today

Unique places - Part1

  • The Lisatovsk Pentagram
  • The giant triangle in Wittmann
  • The Hobbiton film set

Discover Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania - Part 3

The following parts of "Discover Mecklenburg-Vorpommern" contain a few special tasks that you can complete or not.


Discover Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania - Part 2


Discover Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania - Part 1

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